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We are a network of experts working with our clients and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to some of the most complex of challenges.

We supply expertise across services, markets and geographies to deliver transformative outcomes Worldwide. 


We design, build, operate and manage  projects and systems that unlock opportunities, protect your workforce and streamline your processes.

Example Disciplines:

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circuit breaker panel repair


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system - comm


Our original and most popular system. A commercial management platform can range from a contractual correspondence tool, to a full commercial administration tool. 

Our off the shelf products can be used to administer a standard NEC, or be tailored to more bespoke contracts and with additional clauses. 

Other Commercial functionalities include e-tendering, procurement, contemporaneous records, inventory management and document control.   

system - Asset


Our Asset Management solution is on course to become a market leader in the world of OPEX asset management. Striving towards the UK governments BIM aspirations, we have proven success in delivering retrospective implementation of electronic asset management systems, on major UK projects.


This includes full 3D retrospective as-built models, structured assets lists, product catalogues, virtual classrooms and industry leading Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) scheduling.


System - Safe


Our safety systems are designed to be used at the workface. Being easy to use, close calls or safety conversations can be recorded and reported in a live environment. 

Events can be managed and actioned seamlessly whilst providing live feedback to the workforce. 

Particular success has been seen with Close Calls, Safety Conversations, and Defect Recording. 

System - Quality


Quality & Assurance is an integral part of project handover. Over the years, time and time again, we have seen vital project information lost between CAPEX and OPEX phases. The information is then reproduced in the later stages at a significant cost. 


We have therefore produced a system to manage the process of effective handover delivering a high level of assurance. 


Features include Asset Management plans, material approvals and and assurance packs.  

Further Disciplines:

We have also created systems in Project Management, Programme Management, Risk, Accounting, and Supply Chain Managament

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