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why Aeon gREEN?

It's a question we get asked a lot in such a competitive industry. Why us?

As far as technology companies go, Aeon Green have been round for a fair few years. Having both an IT and Construction background, we feel we have a unique perspective on how we can deliver construction projects and re-shape businesses.


By utilising the latest technology in combination with industry professionals, we streamline all aspects of project delivery with a cloud based system. This reduces administration time significantly allowing people to do what they do best. 

fair transparent

We operate an industry changing transparent rate banding, both internally and externally. Many businesses throw around the word ‘transparency’ but when it actually comes to implementing these practices, we’re proud to say we have. 

value driven

Using our systems and people, we quickly automate and run company processes and governance to significantly reduce administrative time, therefore generating resource efficiency. This allows more focus on business critical objectives improving performance. 

cloud platform

At the heart of our systems is the largest most reliable platform in the world. Our platform is reliable, secure, and works for major clients, including their IT departments.


We launch fast, get feedback, and improve Our business has grown as a direct result of our success with our customers. Typically, we start with a single project issue and once resolved, we replicate the solution throughout the organisation.

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