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 example systems:


Our fully customisable Commercial Management Platform provides powerful and sometimes highly complex commercial functionalities and has been used in many different forms from a simple contractual correspondence tool, to a multi framework full commercial administration tool. 

Our basic "functional model" can be used to administer a standard contract form, or be tailored to operate multiple contract forms across multiple projects.

The potential outcomes and functionalities are virtually endless and built around our client's requirements.


Our Asset Management solution is on course to become a market leader in the world of Asset Management. 


Embracing the UK government BIM aspirations, we have proven success in delivery and implementation of bespoke Asset Management Systems on major UK projects and portfolios.

Our delivery partnership with Industry bodies and integrating best practice modules such as SFG20 enable us to deliver possibly the most advanced and insightful AIM system in the market place.   




Our safety systems are designed to be used at the work face. Easy to use close calls & safety conversations can be recorded and reported in a live environment across multiple sites. 

Events can be managed and actioned seamlessly whilst providing live feedback to the workforce. Management of Safety data reporting and KPIs is handled with ease, provides realtime actionable insights.


Progressive assurance is a valuable process in any project of any kind, but is very often overlooked.


We have been integrated into many late stage projects when quality and assurance issues suddenly become a reality of a successful handover. Late stage realisation of these issues become troublesome & sometimes extremely costly 


Our solutions are able to manage the process of progressive assurance through the entire project lifecycle and can be customised to accommodate very specific and complex assurance processes.  


Further Disciplines:

We have also created systems in Project Management, Programme Management, Risk, Accounting, and Supply Chain Managament

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