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'People' was established out of our desire to provide relevant industry experts to aid in the delivery of our core solutions. It is a complimenting service designed to assist and deliver project scope criteria utilising the best available technology and the best of industry expertise.


Due to the broad nature of our core works, we can deploy a network of highly skilled industry specific professionals to fully deliver a definitive scope of works.

two models

empowered people

managed solutions

Specialist Industry Experts armed with an "off-the-shelf" Aeon Green product to bring a scope of works to a successful close.


For more complex or high profile projects, bespoke functionality can be developed and deployed.

'Managed Solutions' provides teams that deliver and manage both of the Aeon Green core services. Building a bespoke solution and accompanying it with key specialists to deploy the solution and action on the scope of works.

Once the solution is up and running, we will be as involved as you want us to be. Occasional support, through to 24/7 helps desks. We're there when you need us.  

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